10 Handy Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

Using Windows Short Cut Keys can actually save you alot of time. As in 2019 the is one the major factors in a Mans Success. By the transition of Windows….Microsoft added a list of few new keys. Windows 10 comes with amazing new features as well as new keys introduced by Microsoft. So, let me discuss about

Microsoft has introduced some new and useful keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10. These shortcuts are much time saving and beneficial for the users of Windows. There are a lot of Windows 10 default apps, which you can use with the following shortcuts. The complete details about these new shortcuts are given below;

Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

List of Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

Here is the 10 windows Keyboard Short cuts that one must know in 2019. Case it can ease up your work. Now let me discuss these keys and their usages.

Windows + I

Through shortcut Windows + I, the users of Windows 10 can immediately visit the “Settings App”. By visiting the “Settings App”, the users can go to various settings which are not available in the Control Panel.

Windows + S

The second useful shortcut introduced in the Windows 10 is Windows + S. By pressing the Windows + S, the “Search Box” appeared on the taskbar to search for anything.

Windows + A

Windows + A is also the important hotkey introduced in the Windows 10. This enables users to go the “Action Center”. Action Center has all the new notifications about updates, warnings about working of any program and emails.

Windows + Tab

This short key enables the users of Windows 10 to open the “Task View”. This can help the users to switch between the virtual desktops without closing any file.

Windows + Ctrl + F4

Like above short key, Windows + Ctrl + F4 allows its users to close the current open virtual desktop. Through this hotkey, the users can close the virtual desktop immediately.

Windows + Q

Windows + Q is the short key like Windows + S and allows the users of Windows 10 to search for the any program and file. This action is performed through the “Cortana”.

Windows + G

This short key is newly introduced in the Windows 10 to open the “Game bar” quickly. That will help the users to record the screen of PC.

Windows + Ctrl + D

Through the short key Windows + Ctrl + D, the users can create the new virtual desktop instantly whenever they want.

Windows + Left/Right/Up/Bottom

By using the short key Windows + Left/Right/Up/Bottom, the position of Window can be moved according to the choice of the users.

Windows + Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow

It also enables the users to switch between the virtual desktops like Windows + Tab. But there is no need to open the Task View. The users can instantly switch between the virtual desktops.

These above 10 shortcuts are the most beneficial and useful shortcuts introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10. If you are using unregistered Windows then you can enter register it by using Windows 10 Product Key.

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