How to Add, Edit and Delete Bookmarks in Safari

When you browse the internet for reading and getting information and while reading you want to bookmark the pages in Safari. Bookmarking the pages helps to save the address of webpages to visit later without searching them again on web. You can access the bookmarked pages in no time. Here we will discuss how we can add book marks, how to edit or delete them in Safari.

Two Basic Steps Add Bookmarks

When you are browsing a page and you want to visit the page sooner again you can add that page to the bookmark in your browser. To add bookmarks in safari you have to

  • Open the page you want to bookmark in Safari.
  • Click Bookmark menu and select Add Bookmark or press Command + D to add a bookmark.
  • From the pop-up menu choose where you want to save the bookmark. By default the bookmarks are saved in Bookmark bar or you can choose some other folder.
  • You can rename the bookmark or save  it with the same name as provided by Safari.
  • Now click on Add button. It will save the bookmark.

Manage All of Your bookmarks

When you have so many bookmarks in the bookmark bar it seems cluttered up and it will take time to find the required bookmark. To manage the bookmark you should place the bookmarks in specific folders so that it is easily accessible.

Like you have created a bookmark folder named technology and you have saved the entire technology related website in that folder. To perform this task you have to

  • Click on the book icon to open the bookmarks menu.
  • Tap Edit, from here you can edit, delete, reorder and create new book mark from here.
  • To edit the address, name or folder of the bookmark, click on the bookmark. The same screen appears from where you added the bookmark. Here you can edit the details.
  • To delete a bookmark you have to click the red circle on the left side of the bookmark. Delete button appears on the other side, you have to click that to delete a bookmark.
  • To reorder the bookmark tap the icon with three horizontal lines and it moves up a little bit. Now you can drag the bookmark to a new location.
  • Create a new folder, tap on Folder and give it a name and choose location for the folder and tap done to create a new folder.

How to use bookmarks

To use the bookmark you have to click on the book icon on your safari screen. The icon is an open book you can click on that icon and look at the folders to find the specific page you are looking for.

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