All You Need to Know About Printer Spooler ?

Many of us have to use the printer for completing various printing jobs. Most of the people use printers at offices, house or cyber-cafe. But, have you ever thought about how your system sends the command of printing? How the printing is possible with just connecting a small device with your system.

If yes then here, is the answer “printer spooler. Now, you will ask what is a printer spooler, and what role it plays in printing? It is the guide that will help our users to know each detail about the work of a printer spooler.

Printer Spooler

The functions and the uses of the spooler are briefly explained here. Go ahead and read about the same here.

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Functions of Printer spooler:

The printer spooler tool used to manage the printing process and organize the print jobs in a queue. The tool is far important in offices where the employees use a shared network printer. The tool will easily track the network-connected devices in order to track the pending print jobs of multiple computers. It also reduces the network problems, if you are using a wireless printer for multiple computers.

Benefits of printer spooler:

Like all the technology, the printer spooler tool also provides some impressive benefits to their users, as discussed below.

  • The printer spooler tool will never let the printing queue congested by scheduling the print jobs, and it enables the greatest efficiency to work smoother.
  • Once you have sent the printing data to the spooler, you do not have to wait until the print comes out. You can continue your work on other programs and let the tool handle your printing jobs.
  • As we said earlier that it scheduled the printing jobs. So if you have sent any wrong data to print mistakenly, then it will allow you to delete the document from the queue.
  • If you have to print large graphics that cannot handle by your computer’s RAM, the printer spooler will save the file from reducing the consuming space of your hard disk.

Facts to consider:

When you feel that you do not have any use of the printer spooler tool, then you can turn off its services by just visit the properties section of your printer. You can change the configuration from the “Advanced” tab of the printer properties dialogue box. But when you have turned off the services of printer spooler, you will have to face slow printing results, and you cannot take the benefits of the tool. Therefore it will be better to consider adjusting the configurations of the tool for your specific needs instead of turning off it properly.

Options of printer spooler:

When you have set up the tool to manage the print queue, you can enjoy faster printing and also be able to spool the documents as per your needs. It means if you want to print the last spooled document first, then you can do it through a printer spooler. In simple words, the tool will work as per your priority. It will print the higher priority first and the lowest at last. Apart from this, if you want to print more than one copy of a document, the tools also allow you to resubmit the documents in the queue quickly.

What To Do If The Tool Gets Corrupted?

It happens many times when a tool that has so much workload has huge chances to get corrupted. After getting brief that what is a printer spooler, you will also need to learn the techniques to fix the errors of the spooler. To resolve the printer spooler’s errors, you can follow the below-given instructions.  

  • First you have to open “control panel app” in windows 8 or 10, and then one can access the home screen from there.
  • Now you have to select the administrative option from the window.
  • Here you have to locate the printer spooler tool program.
  • Just after opening the tool, you can see there are two buttons to stop the services and restart.
  • If the issue is minor, then you can easily fix it by stopping and restarting the tool services.
  • If the error has been fixed, then you do not need to follow the next step. Otherwise, open the tool properties again for more configurations.
  • Now you will have to change the recovery options to fix the errors.

Here you will have to do some changes as given below:

  1. Now you can restart and follow same steps again.
  2. The second failure box will also be set to restart the service.
  3. Select Take No Action for the subsequent failure box.
  4. Select the number of day.
  5. Also select the times in minutes from the given option.
  • Click on the Apply button once you have successfully changed the settings.
  • Now click on the general tab and select Automatic in the Startup menu.
  • Click on the Apply button to save all the changes before closing the window.
  • Now you have successfully fixed the issue and you now you can enjoy the fastest printing.

Hence, one can follow the different steps mentioned above about the printer spooler. These could help you to know how effectively one can use the printer spooler. There are many advantages of clearing the printer spooler. It helps to complete all the printing jobs efficiently.

Now, below we are going to mention some questions and their answers that could help the readers to answer most of their questions regarding what is a printer spooler? We hope the guide will be helpful for the users.


  1. What do you mean by a printer spooler?

It is software that helps to connect the printer and the system to finish the printing jobs. It helps to send the commands to the printer along with the docs file to fulfill the printing needs of the user. But, it is essential to clean the printer spooler timely to let the printer prints uninterruptedly.

  1. How a printer spooler works?

Whenever a user sends the command of printing through the system, the spooler transfers the documents to the printer. The printer reads the data and work according to the command of the user. One has to give the command to set the size and other specifications at one go. After this, the printing job will be done.

  1. Why one has to clear the spooler?

Yes, we have to clean the printer spooler for uninterrupted printing. It is because a lot of junk files get collected in the spooler, and it creates hassle while printing other doc’s files. Hence, it is recommended to clean the docs file after a few weeks or months as per your usage. The cleaning timing could vary from person to person.

  1. Can I retrieve or undo the command of printing?

Now, if, by any chance, you have selected the wrong file, then it is possible to delete it from the spooler before printing. It is the best use of a printer that wrong commands given for printing can be undone up to a specific period. In some prints, there are settings in which the user can set an immediate printing option, but in that case, undone could not be possible.

  1. Simple ways to clear the spooler:

The cleaning technique of printer spooler is different in all the devices. We have given a few articles earlier that helps the users to know that how they can clean the spoolers for different devices. Hence, going through them is recommended to the readers. Or else one can go through the user manual. The spooler can be easily cleaned through the printer settings.

  1. How could one know that there is a printer spooler’s problem?

If you are facing the problem while printing the docs files and the command is sent late to the printer by your system. Then it is an indication that there are many cache files in the printer spooler, and there is a need to clean them. Hence, check the spooler through settings and clear the junk files.

Use the Printer Spoiler Effectively:

We have listed all the required questions and answers related to what is a printer spooler? Now, one can use the settings of the printer spooler to use the printer effectively. The spooler files also help to know whether there is some problem with the printer or not.

Those readers who are using the printers for many years, and they have to use it regularly always tries to search for the new questions. And, we, as the writers, always try to deliver the best informative articles for the readers.

Hence, if you have any queries regarding printers, and then let us know, we would love to help our readers in solving all their queries. I hope the article is useful for the readers.

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