Tutorial to Clear Caches and Browsing Data in Safari

The caches are places where system stores the websites data so that when you are visiting the website again the data is already saved and not the whole website is downloaded again. You must have noticed that the websites saves your personal data and also keep track of your visited sites and movement from one website to another. However in Safari you can Clear Caches and Browsing Data, cookies. To clear all these personal information and saves your privacy.

Clear Caches in Safari

To clear the caches in Safari browser you have to,

clear cache in safari
  • Open the Safari browser.
  • Go to Preferences and then tap on Advanced.
  • Now at the bottom check the option, Show Develop menu in menu bar.
  • Now close the Preferences menu and go to the Develop
  • Tap on Empty Caches.

All the caches in your saved in your system are erased and when you are visiting the sites they are loaded from the remote server without having any local cache for loading the site.

Clear All Safari’s Data

In safari there is an option Clear History. Whenever you are choose to clear history in safari it not just delete the browsing history but also delete the caches and cookies. The clear history provides the option of clearing the history of past hour, today’s data, today and yesterday’s data or all the data from beginning.

clear cache in safari

To reach the Clear history tool, you have to go to,

  • Open the Safari
  • Then from safari menu choose Clear History and Website Data.
  • Choose one of the options for deleting the history, the last hour, today, today and yesterday or all history.
  • Click on Clear history, it will remove the history, caches and cookies.

Remove Individual Site from History

You can also remove an individual site from the history details. You have to go to History and Click on Show History. It will display list of all the visited website and you can right click on any website to choose Remove from menu or you can press Delete key from keyboard to remove from list. It will remove the website. You can also remove multiple sites by holding down shift+command and pressing Delete key from your keyboard.

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