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How to Free Hard disk Space in Windows

As to Free hard disk space, As it is getting bigger and bigger day by day and so is your data in your system. The system is full of images from your phone as well as movies etc. Therefore you must be tired of filling up of hard-drive space quickly, which leads to slow system performance. Here are some easy and quick ways to perform disk cleanup in windows.

Free Hard disk for Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup is the system tool which deletes the downloaded program files, temporary internet files, thumbnails, offline webpages and empty the recycle bin. To run disk cleanup we have to,

  • Right click on the drive which needs to be cleanedup and go to the properties of the drive.
  • When click on properties the a window opens which has disk cleanup option.
  • You have to select which files needs to be deleted and then press ‘OK’, to run disk cleanup. It will permanently delete all the files which we have selected.

Simply Uninstall Programs not in Use

To uninstall a program which is no longer in use, we go to.

  • Open the Control panel and click the option, ‘Uninstall a program’.
  • It opens the window which shows the installed programs in the system, its details and space the program has occupied in the memory.
  • Select the program which needs to be uninstalled to clear up drive space. This will permanently uninstall the program from the our system.

Deleting System Restore Points

The system restore points also takes lot of space in your drive. If you are sure you no longer need those restore points except for the most recent one, windows gives the option of deleting them and creating more space in your drive. You have to open the disk clean up window which has the option ‘clean up system files’.

When selected, this option it opens ‘More Options’ tab. Under this tab we have cleanup restore points. When we choose to cleanup restore points it pops up, ‘Are you sure you want to delete all but the most recent restore point’We have to choose ok and it will delete all the previous restore points the system has created except for the most recent one.

Disable Hibernation

Hibernation takes lots of disk space. In hibernation the system retains its state and takes the snapshot of all data and contents of RAM and saves it into the hard disk, so that when we turn on the system again its state remains the same. So if you want to free that space in our hard drive we have to disable the hibernation mode.

NTFS Compression

If you have lots of data in your folders and you want to free hard Disk which you don’t use frequently the compression of the data is the best option. It reduces the space the folder is taking in your hard drive. To compress a folder,

  • We have to right click that folder and select the properties option.
  • Under the General tab, we have the option advanced, we have to select that.
  • We have to select the checkbox ‘Compress content to save disk space’ and click ok.
  • Another window appears and will then ask if we want to encrypt the files and subfolders also. So if we want to compress them we have to select that radio button.
  • This will eventually reduce the disk space the folder is taking in your hard drive.

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