– Enter Reservation Number and Access Code:

You will receive a pre-approved offer mail. When you will open this mail; you will see a reservation number and an access code that has given to you from the The reservation number contains 16 digits and the access code contains 6 digits. You will use this access code and reservation number for login to apply for capital one card. – How to Apply Getmyoffer Credit Card:

Applying Capital one Getmyoffer is not a big deal. Actually one can apply it in few simple steps. So, let me take you in these simple steps.

  • Go to the official website “” of to apply for card.
  • On the main page, you will encounter two boxes that are reservation number and access code.
  • Enter your 16 digits reservation number and 6 digits long access code that you received through mail.
  • Click on the “started” button and process the given procedure to get the card. Submit your form and verify your data later on.

Best Of Credit Card of

There are some different cards of The customers can choose the best one according to their choice. These cards are:

  • Venture
  • Savor
  • Spark business
  • Quicksilver  
  • Platinum
  • Students cash back

Venture Credit Card:

Venture reward credit card of has some following features 

If you spend $3000 in the first three months, you will receive 50,000 miles as a reward.

Continue your spending on the credit card after the first use of the card.  If you continue your spending you will receive $1 on each purchase that you do with your venture credit card.

There is no annual limit and gives you 1.5x miles or 2% cashback. This makes the card best one of the capital one.

You will receive 10 miles per dollar when you will book your room to the hotels having affiliation with venture card. it has $95 fee per year after the first year of activation.

Savor Credit Card

Other type of cards of is savor reward credit card. It has following features

In the first three months of account opening, you will receive $300 cash after doing shopping of $3000.

 It has no fee for foreign transactions.

You will earn 4% and 2% cashback on entertainment, food and grocery stores respectively. It gives 1% cashback on another thing. Ticket has 8% cashback as a reward till May has a $95 fee per year after the first year of activation.

Spark Business Credit Card

There are five types of spark credit card. One card has low or average credit while the other four have magnificent credit for the people who have their own business.

These cards are

  • Spark cash for business
  • Cash select for business
  • Spark miles for business
  • Miles select for business
  • Spark classic for business

These all cards have no fees for overseas transactions. They give cashback of 2%, 1.5%, 2%, 1.5% and 1% respectively. They all give the reward of cashback or miles depending on your purchases.

You can select any spark card according to your business. They all have a $95 fee per year after the first year. 

QuickSilver Credit card

Quicksilver credit card of is an excellent card for those who have a high credit. It gives 1.5% cashback on each purchase. But to avail this bonus you should have high amount of credit. It holds a 97% purchase rate and 26%/97% transfer rate. It has an annual fee that is 39 dollars after one year and is less from all other cards of capital one.

Platinum Capital One Credit Card

Platinum capital one credit card is one of another card. No annual fee with the status of average credit level. It has the same transfer and purchase rate as quicksilver has with variable ARP. It has no transfer fee.

Student Cashback Capital One Reward Card 

This card also has the same status of ARP, transfer and purchase rate as the quicksilver and platinum card have.

This card is best for the students and they get 1% cash back per purchase. If they pay their credits in time they can increase their bonus rate up to 1.25%.

Whats the Payment method of Capital One? 

There are two methods of capital one credit card bills.

  • Payment through telephone
  • Online Payment method 
  • Payment via mail

Payment Through Telephone:

It is quite easy to pay your bills by telephone. Just dial a phone number if you are the resident of the US.  Dial 800-227-425.

But if you are not in the US and traveling to another place, you will dial 1-804-934-2001 free of cost.

Online Payment Method:

If you want to make your payment via online method, you have to give your email, acct no, SSN and security number that is print on the back of the credit card. When you will have enrolled for account you can pay your payments and also enjoy the features of that card. You can pay your bills by setting up the auto-pay option.

Go to your account and select the “bill pay” option then choose the “add a business or person” option. When you will click on it you will write the “capital one”. Then write your account number and select “setup autopay” option. 

You can pay your bills by setting up the auto-pay option. Go to your account and select the “bill pay” option then choose the “add a business or person” option. When you will click on it you will write the “capital one”. Then write your account number and select “setup autopay” option. 

Payment via mail

You can also pay your payment via mail by asking them about the mail address.

Contact Details:

If you have any need you can contact to the capital one by dialing 1-877-383-4802.

What is

FDIC (Federal deposit insurance corporation) has an active member that is capital one. Capital one is one of the famous banks in the US. It built the It has the best credit cards for its customers with the best services. Only US nationality holders can apply for it. Only 18 years or elder can apply for this card

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