3 Tips use Multiple Dropbox Accounts on One PC

It is always great to use multiple Dropbox accounts sign in on your PC. This will allow to store large number of file on your PC. Means you can store large number of files on file hosting Dropbox. You will be thinking how u can use Multiple Dropbox account on one PC. Don’t worry because in this Article we will briefly describe how you can use multiple Dropbox on a PC.

Dropbox is basically America file hosting service providing company. For enabling its services, you must firstly Dropbox login and then choose any storage packages. Keep in mind that you can use only one service at a time. But if you want business and personal data to be separated then you can easily use these tips given in this Article.

Ways to Use Multiple Dropbox Accounts on Windows and Mac

There are different ways to get Dropbox on mac and windows. We have also explained multiple method for installing multiple Dropbox on your one PC. All of them are listed and explained here. But firstly, we are explaining the methods to run multiple drop box on Windows.

Method 1

Firstly, you can use the Dropboxen method. In this method, you have to install a Dropboxen software. This will enable you to use two different Dropbox on a PC. This procedure works with two different ID.

Method 2

The other Method is Multiple Dropbox Portable AHK. This method enable you to run multiple Dropbox versions in your one PC. This is indeed and great method to use. We have try it y ourselves and it worked great for us. Hope it shall also work great for you.

Multiple Dropbox Login Accounts for MacBook’s

Now let’s talk about the mac. How we can use multiple Dropbox login accounts on Mac books. Like the procedure of Windows, it is also pretty simple. Just follow the tutorial given for Mac.

On mac, you must have Automate workflow. This method is works in such a way that you just have to copy and paste a code line given below. This will help you in running two different Dropbox on your Mac. Means you can also use two drop box for personal as well as for business.

You can start by creating a folder on your Hard drive. Name the Folder as Dropbox Personal. Then run a automater which you already have on your MacBook. There select the option Workflow. Nextly, drag the RUN shell script onto the main window. Then simply paste the code on the shell script. Then click on the run for running and syncing the file.

If the process if it is working then save the file. So, you can use it later. Now whenever you click workflow it will open an instance new account linked it. From now you can easily use multiple Dropbox accounts on mac whenever you want for personal as well as for business purposes.

So, what are you waiting for? Implement it on your Mac Book. I am pretty sure that if you have read every line of our Article, you will not face any problem in installing multiple Dropbox on Mac.

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