Rewards and Check Status of discover pickit by Invitation Number

Discover Pickit – prerequisites: Access to Official Website of Discover
An Invitation Number which you get from email offer, but only required for the online application.
In mailing promotion, you can find Invitation number at the front and will be 23-digits long.

Discover Pickit Status: If you have already processed your Pickit Credit Card Application. Then you can check out the status of your request online by using your 9-digit Social Security Number and the Zip-code which you use in the application.

A feature of Online Chat is also available for customers where a user can connect with a specialist to ask questions OR for solutions to problems. Furthermore, the user is also allowed to ask about other types of cards including Discover It card, Miles Card, Chrome Card, Secured Card or for Student cards.

Although the college students can only apply for the card if they have major subjects in Finance, Economics, Accounting or any other banking related class. Discover PickIt Features & Benefits:

PickIt credit card is issued by Discover Bank furthermore, FDIC also holds this bank on the list as a member.
The toll-free Customer Service helpline is 800-347-3085, one can ask any question about the application process.
Customers can also demand a custom design if you are a fan of Hockey, pick a design from your favorite team i.e. New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks etc.
Beside to above a 5% Cash Back is also available in certain categories. The % of cash back changes in each quarter but it is at a maximum at Sign Up.
APR is 0% during first 12-months, but it is low after the first year.
For new customers to Discover a Double All cashback is available at the end of the first year.
A Discover It Gas and Restaurant credit card are also available for customers who travel a lot OR have much of spending in restaurants. If you have huge amounts in your budget either for gasoline OR restaurants then you must consider for this card.

PickIt Gas & Restaurant Credit Card Offers:

A Cashback of 2% at gas stations and restaurants on the quarterly basis. (Cashback % Changes after each quarter).
APR is 0% during first 12-months, but it’s at a low rate after that period.
Double all your Cashback at the end of the first year.
Want to query the details of this card? Then connect the Discover representative at toll-free helpline 1-800-347-2683.

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