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In America, there is a policy for the residents that they get a tax refund every year. Mostly 70% of Americans get this opportunity and to get the income there are different ways of receiving it. You can get it from the emerald card that is re-loadable and prepaid. You can view all the details by the emerald card login process online on www.dna.hrblock.com.

www.dna.hrblock.com – How to Get an Emerald Card Online?

When you give in your taxes through the H&R, you can refund it on the emerald card. You can submit your refunds to the bank account or can issue the check or put money on the prepaid emerald card. The only benefit is that you can get your money on the card that you can then use to spend money.

To get the card, you don’t need to visit any branch of the bank but can get it by online website www.dna.hrblock.com emerald card. You will be given a chance to submit an application for the card after using digital tax preparation things or products. You can use or manage your online account by emerald card login process after the activation of the card.

Online Activation Process of Emerald Card:

When you get the card, you will use it after activating the card. The emerald card activation method is very simple. If you know the phone number then it is quite easy otherwise you can search on google for phone number. To activate the card, dial the phone number 1-866-353-1266.

Then talk with a person, he/she will ask you about the last four digits of your card number any other details. You have to give all the details correctly and follow her/him instructions carefully. After this process, your card will be activated.

What is Login Process of the Emerald Card?

If you have an online account, it is important to manage your account correctly so that you can see your transactions, money, pay bills, and many others in your account. It is important only when you will set up the account. To log in you just need two things, 1st one is your username and the second one is your password.

When you go to the online web portal you will ask to put your username and password in the regarding boxes. Enter the given details correctly and click the login button. After login, you can view your money history, transaction details and many more. 

How to Create an Emerald Card Account?

If someone has no online account, then what he should do? Don’t worry, you can make your online account on go to the emerald card login website that is www.dna.hrblock.com. When you will go to the login page, you will see an option for creating a new account. Click on that button to continue the process.

On the next page, you will ask for an email, username, password, and confirmation of the above written password. Then continue form after clicking on the Next button. Complete your form carefully. After completing the process, you will just need a password and user ID to login to the account.

How to Reload an Emerald Card?

Emerald card is just not used for a tax refund, you can use it to refund the money from government benefits, checks, payroll, and cash etc by signing up at emerald card website www.dna.hrblock.com. If you have saving money, it will give you an option of direct pay deposit but if you have not then selected face based service to cash you check. 

It is important to know that some reloading services have some charges to deposit the money. You will be charged $4.95 if you deposit money at a retail location that is providing reloading services. When you deposit a check to your card it will also charge a fee.

How to Add money at the Emerald Card?

The big advantage of this card is that you can add GOVT benefits, payments, checks, and cash at the card at any time.

You can get access to your money on the day of your pay. This is possible only when you avoid cash check fees with direct transactions, deposits, bank benefits, and unemployment.

You can install a mobile app from my block site and can add money to your emerald card. You can any option as you want from the given options. You can select funds in minutes having fees or funds in days having no fees.

You can add money on emerald any time any place including local Walmart, dollar general and any other. Install the mobile app from my block and search nearby reload location that has participated in it. 

There is another way of adding money at the card account. You can directly connect your checking account with your card account so that you can add money easily. You can set up your money method on it whether to transfer automatically or transfer one at a time according to your choice. This charged fee will 2% low if you deposit the pay from government check or printed payroll and it will increase 4% if you will use another checks source except these two.

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