www.jdpoweronline.com/vqs – JD Power Vehicle Quality Survey

Are you satisfied with the quality of the vehicle of J.D.power that you buy a new one? You should visit the website if they invite you for a vehicle quality survey. Go to the website and participate in the vehicle quality survey to win the prize of $100,000 cash. The survey is taken on the webite www.jdpoweronline.com/vqs.

James David Power III sold this company in April 2005 to the McGowan Hill Financial. Then in 2016, a private investment group XIO group paid $1.1 billion for this company. In 2018, Dave Harbinger name was announced as a CEO. Then, on July 30, 2019, Thomas Bravo announced that he has purchased the company for an undisclosed sum while during this year its price was estimated near $1.9 billion.

www.jdpoweronline.com/vqs – Method for Online Sweepstakes Survey:

To take entry for J.D. Power online sweepstakes, complete the survey.  There is a limit of entry as one person can take one entry as per the offer.

There are some steps of an online survey of J.D. Power sweepstakes

Method of Entry to Win Prize 

Keep the survey invitation in your hands. Then enter the ULR that is provided in the offer. There will be different URLs for different customers and survey. For Example

These are the URLs that you have entered if the URLs that you have entered is not working its means that the survey has expired.

You can open the inbox after entering the URL. They will ask you for entering the pass code. Enter the pass code carefully and click on the “start” button. if your pass-code is valid then proceed accordingly. But if the pass-code is not valid or not correct then it will say “your pass code is invalid”.

To overcome this problem, you will be asked for some information about your vehicle and answer the question about your vehicle during the survey.

You will receive an entry to the J.D.Power New Auto Shopper Study Sweepstakes at the end of the survey by answering all the questions correctly.

Details About Sweepstakes

The Legal residents of 50 United States are invited for sweepstakes.

Promotional notes for the online survey of J.D. Power

  • Federal and state both are subject to $100,000.
  • www.jdpoweronline.com/vqs  or www.jdpoweronline.com/iqstoyota90 both websites are available for the survey.
  • Pooled sweepstakes.
  • One entry is allowed for one person.
  •  More than one entry will not be eligible for it.
  • Employee of J.D. Power cannot participate.
  • J.D. Power sponsored the J.D. Power Voice of The customer survey.

More About JD Power Survey

J.D. Power is an American company that is relating to global marketing information services. This company is found in 1986 and James David Power III is the founder of this company. This company surveys buyer’s behavior, customer satisfaction and product quality for industries and this survey ranging from cars to marketing and advertising firm.

This firm is famous to satisfy its customers for its new car quality and long-term dependability. Proprietary research, consulting, training, automotive-forecasting and industry-wide syndicated study are included in its services. The headquarter of this firm is in Costa Mesa, California.

Survey customer service of J.D. Power

There are phone no, email and an app for this service survey. One can visit one of these

At VQShelp@jdpa.com, you can ask any question relating to the J.D. Power survey. Ventura associates will operate the $100,000 cash prize and the name of the cash price winner will be announced on 20 January 2020.

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