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Are you looking for a perfect credit card to recreate your credit history? Then preapprovedaccess  can surely help you with it as it is designed for the people with a poor credit score. This is an American based credit card, which aims to provide you a better credit history.

This credit card has been officially issued by The Bank of Missouri, which is a reputable member of FDIC. If you’re a legal resident of the United States of America then you must apply for preapprovedaccess. As this is one of the best credit cards to level up your credit score.

To apply for a Pre-approved access credit card, you need to make a pre-qualification trial. If your application gets approved in the trial then you are ready to be a member of this amazing credit card.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply Preapprovedaccess:

You can apply to Preapprovedaccess by visiting their official website, which is www.preapprovedaccess.com. One should take all the instructions about this credit card and check out the eligibility criteria to see whether it is suitable for you or not.

  • You must be 18 years or above to apply for the pre-approved access credit card.
  • If you’re living in the United States of America then it is the perfect choice for you to get rid of poor credit score. As this credit card is based on the United States hence people from outside the U.S can’t apply for the pre-approved access credit card.
  • The people who have already a good credit score may also find some other MasterCard because pre-approved access credit card is more suitable for the people who have less than a good credit.

www.preapprovedaccess.com – Respond to First Access Card Mail Offer:

To apply from the website you will have to follow a few instructions.

  • Open your website browser and visit the official website www.preapprovedaccess.com.
  • You will see an invitation forum on the first page in which you will be required to provide your 8-digit reservation number.
  • Then click on the ‘Submit’ button to continue the application procedure.
  • You will see the next page where you will have to enter some of your personal details. These details include your First and Last name, Current city, State/Region, the Zip Code.
  • Furthermore, the information includes your permanent home address, your Contact details, your Date of Birth, and your Social Security number (SSN).
  • Then press the ‘Continue’ button.
  • You will see the terms and conditions where you will find a small blank box nearby. You are supposed to mark this box to complete the application procedure.
  • After this, click on the ‘Submit’ button to finish this phrase.
  • You will get a confirmation email right after you submit the whole details for the application procedure.

Apply Via Mailing Address:

You can do the manual process to apply for the Pre-approved access credit card. People may find the online process a bit difficult so, they can choose this method for the application purpose. You just need to pick up your application letter and mention your reservation number on it. Then send it back to the mailing address of pre-approved access credit card.

This may take a few days and more time as compared to the online application procedure. The manual system takes approximately 10 to 15 days to get your application approved. However, the online procedure only takes one day in which your application approves or disapproves.

Preapprovedaccess Customer Reviews

All these reviews are taken from WalletHub all the credit goes to them.

I have had First Access Card for a year and i have had no problem and i am hoping to get a increase but if not , just keep what i owe because this is what happens to people with bad credit Thank you First access.

I applied with First Access about 5 months and was approved immediately. The service has been outstanding. I would definitely recommend this card and this company as a credit rebuilding tool to anyone looking to start or rebuild their credit.

Well it’s a spend little bastard but knowing that going into the frying pan helped me keep monthly purchases to $ 25.00 max to keep utilization at 9% and by paying in full ( $25.00 ) each month I avoided the evil 29.99 % interest charge! ? It’s not a forever relationship and from everything I keep reading a person needs more than just a Capital One and a Discover cards to be successful at every one of the 5 credit metrics included in the factoring of a credit score! Totally, for sure.

Got approved on the 22nd and received my card on the 28th. I don’t have a issue with paying $150+ for the first year or the annual fee as I know there is a price to pay for having a credit score below 550 across the board. 6-12 months from now I’ll have good credit to buy a car and get better cards anyways so no biggie 🙂

Characteristics of First Access Credit Cards:

There are some of the best key features of a pre-approved access credit card, which you can go through to have its proper knowledge.

  • The Pre-approved credit card is officially issued by The Bank of Missouri.
  • It is the best alternative for people who want to make their credit history better than before.
  • Preapprovedaccess credit card has a very simple procedure to apply on it’s website www.preapprovedaccess.com.
  • The Pre-approved credit card has $89 account opening fee, which you will pay right after your account gets opened and verified.

Customer Service Center of Pre-Approved Access Credit Card

If you need any help regarding your account then you may call on to their official customer service number (888) 267-7980. You can call them in case of the problem and the call representatives will respond to you in a few minutes. You can explain the whole thing to the call agents so they will guide you properly.

Moreover, you can also send your message by sending an email at info@firstaccesscard.com. Likewise, you can use their official mailing address, which is First Access Card, PO Box 89028, Sioux Falls, SD 57109-9028.

No matter whichever procedure you choose to communicate with the customer service department, you will get a quick response. As the customer service department is 24/7 active for its reputable customers.

FAQ’s For First Access Card:

  • Is First Access Visa legit?

Yes First Access Visa is absolutely legit. A service from Bank of Missouri. An Annual Fee can be bit high but it’s absolutely legit.

  • How can I get a credit card with bad credit?

Simple Apply this Credit Card else the other option include following: Credit One Credit Card, Discover Credit Card & Lastly Indigo Platinum MasterCard.

  • Is total visa a good card?

As Every cardholder will be charged only 34.99 percent. You just don’t have to carry much balance while using this card, then it’s is probably the best choice for you

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