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www.preapprovedtotal.com is the website for the visa debit card. You can apply for the card by the online method if you are eligible for the card. When it is confirmed that you are eligible for the card, you received a reservation code from the mail. This code is very important in the completion of application.

It contains 8 digits that are needed to process the second step. The application required some limitations for the customer that apply online for the pre-approved total visa credit card. These limitations are described in Later.

www.preapprovedtotal.com – Requirements for Pre-Approved Visa Credit Card:

  • You must have the nationality of the US or the resident of the US.
  • Your age should be 18 or older than it.
  • There must be a checking account of yours in a bank.
  • Your credit score must be excellent if you get an approved application
  • When you go to the online website www.preapprovedtotal.com, you asked for a reservation code that you can get after applying for a total visa debit card.
  • First, you should apply for the card to receive a reservation code.

Features of the Total Visa Credit Card:

You can access your online account 24 hrs to check your balance, the last transaction, to pay bills, etc.

  • Its ARP is 29.99%.
  • Its processing fee is $89 that is a one-time fee. It is used to open an account.
  • Its annual fee for the first year is $75 while after the first year it’s become $45. When the card has issued then your annual fee has already deducted from your balance. Your balance $300 that will $225 after deduction.
  • You faced a penalty of $37 for the late payment fee and a returned payment fee.
  • If you want to pay your bills through phone, it’s charged $10 but if you pay bill by online method then it is free of cost.
  • You can enjoy all the benefits of the visa credit card by visiting www.preapprovedtotal.com.

How to Apply Preapprovedtotal Credit Card Online:

If you are eligible for apply then visit their online website www.totalcardvisa.com and complete the given form. You have to enter your personal information like first name; last name, zip code, mailing address etc.


Then select the design of total visa credit card as you like. Go to the next page by clicking on continue the application button. On this page, you have been asked for your financial status and ban statement like account number of the bank, employer details, name of an employee, monthly salary etc.

After completing the form tick on the terms and conditions box and submit your application.

Once your application has submitted management of the company check the application and approved it if it is correct. Then the company sends the mail on your given email id that contains the approval letter and reservation code. This code is 8 digits long. After getting the code now, you have preapproved to apply for a card.

Once you have got the reservation code, you can fill the second part of the application. Now go to the online website www.preapproved.com and enter the reservation code that is 8 digits long.

Continue the application, on the next home page you will ask to enter your SSN, DOB, and other information. When you have enter all the information correctly, press the below button to submit your application. Your pre-approved visa debit card will send to you by mail.

Customer Reviews of www.preapprovedtotal.com:

Here are some Customer Reviews total visa card or Preapprovedtotal. All the Credit Goes to Wallethub.

1- I love Total Visa it is the perfect card to help you build or fix your credit all you have to do is pay your bills on time! People that give bad reviews don’t know how to play adult cause they’re all out front with EVERYTHING.

2- I love this Card. No complaints here great for rebuilding credit I. pay the balance off in FULL every month. I Def. Recommend this card for a BOOST in your Credit score.

3- Well I got the total visa back in April I lost it within a week called customer service and they where quick to respond they order my new card and had it within a week customer service is great. The APR is very high. I pay with my debit card and payment is updated with 24hrs it’s a good card to rebuild your credit my Fico score has gone up to 85 point in a month. Bottom line this card is good to rebuild your credit so far so good

4- I have the total Visa card for 13 months now . I love it . The reality is , if your credit is shot to hec you may not even qualify for a secured card such as cap one . I didn’t at first because my credit score was in the 400’s , due to extenuating circumstances 7 years ago out of my control.

Activation of the Total Visa Credit Card:

Once you have received your total visa debit card, you need to activate it. After activation, you get your card validity and you can use it easily.

preapprovedtotal activation

To activate it, go to the online website www.preapprovedtotal.com and click on the activate your card button on the top right hand corner. Then fill the given data by entering desired information in all the feilds. Now the activation process of your card has completed.

If your card can’t activate after 30 minutes then contact the company by calling on 844-206-4371.

What If you Have Lost Your Card:

If you have lost or stolen your preapproved visa credit card, you should contact the company’s customer service. Contact the person by dialing (844)548-9721 and say him/her to block your card so that no one can get access to your payment by any wrong way.

Advantages of the Total Visa Card: 

One can apply online for the Pre-approved card on the website www.preapprovedtotal.com and received the card in some days.

  • If you want to make payment online you can use these cards for this purpose.
  • These cards help to manage your monthly payment by reporting about it.
  • The big benefit of this card is its acceptance to all merchants of all over the US.
  • These cards help in improving your credit by reporting about the three major bureaus.

About Pre-Approvedtotal?

As we all know that the website is the best way to apply for the pre-approved total. A Pre-approved total is a form of a credit card. The Missouri bank issued this credit card. These cards have the license of the USA and are one of the visa credit cards.  Some people want the credit card in two to three days and have less credit than the good one.

This card is the best for these people. It has an online website that is www.preapprovedtotal.com. It is used to apply for the preapproved credit card and you can check your current balance, transactions, pay your bills.


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