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Master card has issued the build card for those who have low credit or want to build the credit or rebuild their credit. The people who have some issues with their credit history or have credit less than 600 are trapped by this card. So, if you are one of the consumers of thebuildcard then you can visit www.thebuildcard.com/apply to respond to build card offer.

Who wishes for a new start to increase its credit, this charge card is a viable alternative for those responsible people. This is an unsecured card that doesn’t need any deposit. It is best for its customers. It is different from a secured card because a secured card is use after payment deposits. In the case of credit, these secured cards are best for the customers.

www.thebuildcard.com/apply – How to Apply Build Card Offer

You can apply for the build card at www.thebuildcard.com after receiving an invitation for applying. For applying

  • Go to the website to apply online.
  • You will ask to enter your ID # of your application, Zip code, offer code and last four digits of your SSN.
  • To recoup your application ID # and offer code, mention your invitation letter.
  • You will receive your card via article after seven days of apply.  
  • You will use it after its activation. So, activate it after receiving and use it.             

Login Guide for Thebuildcard:

So, here’s how consumers can login to card account.

  • Go to the website.
  • You will ask to enter your user name and password.
  • You will be log in to your account after entering the user name and password.

Enjoy your online thebuildcard account.

If You forget your Password or Username

If you forgot a password or user name, there are options for you to solve this issue. Visit the website of www.thebuildcard.com/apply. Search for the option “forgot password or username” and click on it. You will see two options there.

  1. I forgot my username
  2. I forgot my password

If you forgot your user name click on the “I forgot my username”. You have to enter your last four digits of your credit card and social security number and zip code or date of birth.

  • Then click on “next” and precede the next procedure by following their instructions carefully.
  • If you have forgotten your password, then click on “I forgot my password”.
  • You will ask for your username, enter your username and click on “next”.

Then follow the given instructions to complete the process.

Features of Build Card

  • Only 18 years old or older than can apply for the build card.
  • One can apply online on www.thebuildcard.com/apply.
  • It is only for US residents.
  • Your credit should be between the ranges of 300 to 600.
  • Their one-time account fee is $53.
  •  $72 charged by the build card for the first year membership.
  • There is no fee for over limit.

What are Benefits of Build Card

Build card has many benefits that I am going to tell you in followings

  • The build card customers can access their accounts anywhere at any time through the online or via the contact numbers.
  • Cheap credit probability is given to build cardholders. They attain a charge `line with obvious pricing.
  • There is no security requirement for deposit and also no fee required for foreign transactions.
  • One can easily do shopping through master card anywhere in the world because it is accepted globally.
  • The cash holders can pay their regular expenses as well as their monthly bills easily.
  • The grace period is not applicable on interest

The build card master card will send you an initial approval email. Get this approval from email. This credit card will immediately help you to build the credit of your card again.

It reports all three bureaus and is a big bonus for those who desire to add their credits reports. There are a small annual fee and a very low-interest fee of this card. Most people have an opinion about this card that they get high initial limit on this specific card instead of others.  

In the first year of your experience after crossing the first season, you will get a set of benefits whenever you register for the credit card. The build card doesn’t like to warranty a deposit for open the card because it is an unsecured card that is a big short term advantage of this card. The build cards that have security deposit are said to be safe cards because your security deposit is a warranty. The only advantage of this card is that you can only open a merchant account without the payment of cash. Except this, there is no other short term advantage of this card.   `

Customer Service of the build Card

One can contact this company if he/she has lost his card or if he/she has any issue about this card.

Their phone number is 1-800-634-9558.

Review for the Build card

Because, this is an unsecured card and mostly the people like the secured card so, this card have a bit less good reviews from the people on www.thebuildcard.com/apply.

One man says I don’t like this card because I have deposited my two fees even having the credit. Their customer service agents talk nicely but don’t help properly, so don’t use it. It has spoiled may credit. The other one says that this company claims that it helps the people having bad credits but I will never recommend this card to other because it is not a good company. There is another review that’s summary is the customer faced some credit issue with this card, he called the customer service but didn’t get any answer so he closed his account immediately.

Well, these were some bad reviews about this card but instead these comments people like this card and its advantages. They use this card where they need it.

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